Sufi Meditation Center Merchandise



Sufi Meditation Center
is an organization founded in 2001 by Shaykh  Nurjan Mirahmadi and and Sincere Group of Families with the aim of celebrating and sharing the Sufi  spiritual path with people from all backgrounds, beliefs and walks of  life. Sufism offers essential, practical tools for spiritual up liftment,  healing, and personal fulfillment. Rooted in the selfless love of the  heart, Sufism actualizes individuals, bringing them to their highest  hidden potential. It heals the mind, body and soul. It unites families,  bridges communities, and makes our world a better, more harmonious place  for all.  Shaykh nurjan 🙏🏻


Size 61 = 25" circumferance
Size 3.4 = 22.5"
Size 4 = 23" circumferance
Size 4.5 = 23.5" circumferance

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