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Phoenix Patches


Iconic Phoenix Design patch. The patch can be ironed onto essential clothing to add grandeur and elegance in what is worn. Comes in Black and Hunter green colours.




1. Pre-Heat Garment - Preheat the garment for 10 seconds to remove any moisture or chemical treatments from the area.

2. Position Your Patch - Position your patch on the garment. Use Thermo-Tape to hold your patch in place. Place a cover sheet over patch (Cotton cloth or paper towel)

3. Heat Application - Apply direct heat onto the patch adjust temperature as per garment fabric. 

Ideal temp at the hottest setting on your iron (linen mode), No stream, Medium pressure.

For best results, apply heat on and off to ensure patch sticks well. Keep a paper towel or light cotton fabric to ensure no damage to the patch.




(Please note that all profits from sales of these products go directly to funding our 'dawah' & outreach programs! JazakAllah khayr!)


From the Islamic tradition of knightly chivalry (futuwwa) and gentlemanly conduct, and inspired by our Sufi teachers Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Haqqani and Shaykh Abdullah Daghestani, with the Guidance of Sayed Nurjan Mirahmadi, SMC Merch is proud to present a line of Quran & Sunnah Inspired clothing. All items beautifully display ayahs of the most important revealed book to humanity, the Holy Quran, as well as other Islamic Logos, and are designed to proudly promote the forgotten art of Islamic calligraphy.

Help us to promote these traditional Sufi values to the world, as taught to us by our exemplary Sunni Teachers of the Islamic Brotherhood in the Sufi Naqshbandi Way; the Way of Beauty, Love, Compassion & Right Conduct in both internal and external affairs.

Your support is greatly appreciated in these times of darkness and despair. If you won’t support, who will?

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