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Unique Arabian Blessed Perfume Oils

unisex perfume extract is the perfect fragrance for all independent men and women who live according to their own rules. Our aim with this blend is to evoke the best quality of Perfume. It is the result of a quest to arouse the effects of temporary bliss.

The journey down to the complex heart of this is a scent trip only for the daring among you. If you're a lover of light, bright and airy fragrances.

Arabian Oils  is meant to capture some of the scent qualities and all of the effects of perfume is a study in how to arouse the effects of temporary bliss, without all the side effects. Rich and hypnotic, with dark and dangerous notes, this is a beautifully relentless and utterly enveloping scent.

» an oriental fragrance
» unisex fragrance – for men and women
» for everyday wear

Olfactory Information:
Top notes: Arabian Oils, Green Notes
Middle notes: Resin, Oud, Woody Fruity RoseyNotes
Base notes: Agarwood, Frankincense, Rose

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