925 Sterling Micron Silver Plated Quran Wooden Box Gifts HandMade

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Origin: TR(Origin)
Language: Arabic
Format: Board Book
Condition: New
Binding: Faux Leather Bound
Case Material: 925 Sterling Silver plated Nickel plate on wood
Box Type: Horizontal, V Pattern Cut
Quran Skin: 925 Sterling Silver plated Nickel plate on artificial leather
Seal: Ministry of Religious Affairs of Turkey and Egypt Al-Azhar from Sealed
Print Color: 6 Color Printing
Number of Pages: 613 Pages (604 pages of the Koran text, others index etc.)
Gold Gilding: Available
Brackets: Metal
Silver Plated Box Dimensions: 11x16x6cm - 13x20x6cm - 15x23x6 - 18x27cmx6cm
Silver Plated Special Hardcover Koran Dimensions: 9x14cm - 12x17cm - 14x20cm - 16x24cm

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