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Incense Bakhoor Naaim Incense Tablet


Fragrance NOTES: Sandalwood and Bulgarian Rose

  • Top Notes - Fresh
  • Middle Notes - Musk
  • Base notes - Woody

BUKHOOR NAA'IM by My Perfumes of Dubai

Bakhoor Naaim features Sandalwood and Bulgarian Rose fragrance notes. This incense comes in compressed powder/tablet form, easily broken into powder.

Bakhoor is the name given to wood chips soaked in fragrant oils. These are then burned in an incense burner/mabkhara to perfume your home and clothing. 

Method of burning Bakhoor:

Break a small amount of incense and place it onto your charcoal burner or an electric bakhoor burner; usually, a pinch is enough. Crumble less for light fragrance and light smoke; crumble more for strong aroma and ample smoke. Keep adding more once smoke and fragrances subside. Be sure to dispose of ashes and soot safely once cold.

Estimated Delivery Date: 7 to 8 business days

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