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A walking stick has three main parts.

1. HANDLE: Hardwoods such as walnut trees, ash trees, hornbeam trees, mahogany trees, boxwood, beech tree, and mulberry tree, metals such as silver or brass, or bones such as horn can be used as handles.

2. BODY: Raw material of walking stick is cornel tree grown in our district, quality of which is higher compared to other regions. Cornel tree is a marvelous tree in terms of workability, strength, and soundness and it ensures craftsmen apply smooth inlays without any snaps; furthermore, as it is white inside, all kinds of ornaments and inlays seem richer. White hornbeam and black apple trees [BH1] are also used to make walking sticks.

3. END (Guarding point touching the ground): horn has usually been applied on the endpoint of the walking stick. However, recently, craftsmen producing combs in the Gerede district quit their work, and that’s why there’s a shortage of quality horns, and hence technological rigid plastic called polyamide, which is very easy to use, is applied instead of horns.

* Made of Branch of Cranberry Tree

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