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Bakhoor Naaim Incense


Fragrance NOTES: Sandalwood and Bulgarian Rose

  • Top Notes - Fresh
  • Middle Notes - Musk
  • Base notes - Woody

BUKHOOR NAA'IM by My Perfumes of Dubai

Bakhoor Naaim feature Sandalwood and Bulgarian Rose fragrance notes.  This Incense comes in compressed powder / tablet form, easily broken up into powder.

Bakhoor is the name given to wood-chips soaked in fragrant oils. These are then burned in an incense burner/mubkhara to perfume your home and clothing. 

Method of burning Bakhoor:

To use, break a small amount of incense and place onto your charcoal burner or an electric bakhoor burner, usually a pinch is enough. Crumble less for light fragrance and light smoke, crumble more for strong aroma and greater smoke. Keep adding more once smoke and fragrances subside. Be sure to dispose of ashes and soot safely, once cold.

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