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Orientica Perfume by Haramain - misc fragrances


Sapphire - A beautifully creamy, floral scent with notes of bergamot, jasmine and lavender on a base of amber, vanilla and sandalwood.

Bakhoor - Divine meditation await the wearer of this perfume! This frangrance features oud, incense, alibanum, amber and incense. 

Majesty - A scent fit for royalty! This spicy, woody fragrance features notes of saffron, leather, cedar, sandalwood on a base of sandalwood, amber and patchouli.

Velvet Musk - A velvety-smooth, masculine fragrance featuring notes of freesia, rose and musk.

Mukhallath - A spicy floral scent featuring orange, rose, jasmine, orchid, geranium, bergamot, clove and saffron on a base of amber, sandalwood, cedar and fruits.

Royal Amber - A sweet and spicy woody fragrance featuring notes of orange, cinnamon and black orchid on a base of patchouli, amber and sandalwood.

White Musk - A gently, musky fragrance with notes of lemon verbena, iris and rose on a base of amber, resin and musk.

Golden Musk - A sweet, floral musk with notes of jasmine, rose, vanilla, caramel, musk and sugar.

Violet Oud - A fresh, floral fragrance with notes of citrus, pears, peaches on a base of oud, vanilla and musk.

Rose Bouqet - A soft, floral fragrance with top notes of aldehydes, on a base of rose and sandalwood.

 Please note that all profits from sales of these products go directly to funding our 'dawah' & outreach programs! JazakAllah khayr!

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