Sunnah Rings, Gems from Heaven

Gems from Heaven

Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, Tanzanite, Pearls – these are some of the World’s most precious gems! In addition to adding an aesthetic value to the wearer, these gemstones carry a more spiritual value as well. Did you know that Diamonds can block the energy flow if the wearer has negative thoughts or feelings? Or that Sapphire contributes to mental clarity and perception?

Islam also has several precious gems that if worn, enhance the spirituality of the wearer. A very prominent gemstone is called “Aqeeq”, which is a stone brownish in colour. This gem has several powerful hidden qualities which can only be felt once worn. Imam Ali Ridha (as) said, “Aqeeq disallows poverty and disallows hypocrisy”. Imam Ali (as) said, "wear Aqeeq on your rings, you will be blessed and will be saved from afflictions”.

Another very prominent gemstone is called “Firoz” which is blue in colour and is most often worn in conjunction with the “Aqeeq” stone. Imam Ali (as) said that the Firoz stone “protects a believer from misdeed”. A very commonly known quality of this stone is its ability to protect one against magic, evil and evil eye.

There are several other gemstones within our beautiful faith that enhance our mental, spiritual and physical well-being and bring positivity in our lives.

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