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Appreciation Hadaya TO SHAYKH NURJAN

If you would like to express your love and appreciation, you can do so by making a generous contribution. In case you want to send a gift to Shaykh Nurjan, you can click on the button below. Shaykh Nurjan is authorized to teach, guide, and counsel Islamic spirituality to religious students worldwide.

Here's the link Https:// students worldwide. 

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The Muhammadan Way App is a comprehensive Islamic app designed to cover all of your spiritual needs for Muslims and non-Muslims. 

Through Sufism's deep love and devotion to Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), this app offers a variety of features and resources including Features 🚨

❤️Prayer Times ❤️Qibla Finder/Compass ❤️Quran: Access the complete Holy Quran with transliterations and translation in English, and audio recitations featuring the most advanced search functionality.  ❤️Hadith Collection

❤️Nasheeds/Naats: Enjoy a diverse selection of soulful Islamic nasheeds in Urdu, Arabic, Persian, and English ❤️Sufi Teachings: Dive deep into the mystical world of Sufism through insightful articles, videos, and teachings of world-renowned Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi. ❤️Duas and Azkar: Discover a wide range of supplications and invocations for various occasions ❤️Islamic Calendar ❤️Daily Inspirations ❤️Custom Themes: ❤️Powerful Search & Share features: Search and share any of the in-app content in any available language (Urdu, Persian, Arabic, English) including transliteration. 

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Hadith on Taweez Ruqayyah

We that follow the sunnah believe that towear a ta’wiz around the neck is permissible if the du’a’ contained in it is written from the Qur’an or ah...

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Sunnah Rings, Gems from Heaven

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Reality of The Evil Eye

Shaykh Nurjan has many teachings on "evil eye" which we will attach links to below. You can purchase jewelry and pendants to protect from evil eye,...

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