Reality of The Evil Eye

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How To Protect Yourself From Evil Eye Q&A:
So, that becomes the importance of the company you keep. When you’re trying to keep the company, then it’s important to have their energy to make the environment to be something positive for them. The salawats (praisings upon Prophet Muhammad ﷺ), the Qur’an being played, the bakhoor and the attars (perfumes) – all of these are important and they bring out this important energy. It’s important here also to remind ourselves that when someone asks about the evil eye, and they showed this Turkish design of a blue, has like an eye with the color of blue.
And they put it out and they were making fun of people and saying, ‘Oh, look, look! You think this is going to take something away? And Allah (AJ) is the only protector.’ And they were mocking that, ‘Oh, this evil eye thing, how is that going to help you?’ And because they don’t understand energy so they make everything like kindergarten and they think, ‘Oh, Allah’s (AJ) the only protector.’ Yeah, Allah’s (AJ) the protector but Allah’s (AJ) the educator.

And if Allah (AJ) educates you on the importance of energy, then the first level of education is that you’re an energy being. Insan (human beings) are energy beings. Their eyes are like weapons. Like a laser, advanced laser weapon. As soon as they look at you, they send their weapon and they hit you. If their heart is bad when they look at you they hit you with a bad energy. If their heart is envious and it wants what you have in life, they look at you, they hit you with an energy. So everyday insan is firing a weapon from his eyes and her eyes. And that’s why if you understand the energy, you’ll understand the greatness of the sunnah (way of Prophet ﷺ).

So when we have beautiful young children you don’t expose their skin and you don’t put them in front of everyone, in front of the internet. Because all the people whose children are sick, they look at that and they have envy that, ‘Why my child is sick and yours isn’t?’ Or, ‘Why do you even have a child and I don’t?’ Or, ‘Mashallah, it’s so beautiful this child, and mine is not.’ And that creates a horrific energy from people’s eyes like a weapon, like a gun you’re firing, and that’s what makes the child to be sick and people to be sick. If you go around showing your wealth, and there is some people who have no wealth, all of their hasad (jealousy) it goes to you. So then the energy masters would come to teach us is, ‘Deflect, deflect this problem, deflect the eyes of people!’

So, remember many years ago we were teaching, if you have a beautiful home, put something at the entry of your home broken. Because when people are coming they’re saying, ‘Mashallah, Mashallah why this person has life like this?’ Then put a broken pot at the door so people look. Because the minute their eye looks at the pot they feel a happiness, ‘Look this is broken, ha-ha, look it’s broken!’ And that’s all you needed. Because their eye, they fired their eye into that and not into you and your home. And same thing, everything is about deflecting the energy of people.

So the concept of that blue, and the blue of turquoise, and the blue of the evil eye emblem is not that it had power; the power is only in Allah (AJ) but Allah (AJ) is teaching us that, ‘You don’t understand how gifted you humans are with the energy you have.’ That as soon as their eye looks at the blue, it pulls the nazar (gaze) onto that blue, because blue is a color that attracts you. As soon as they looked at that ring and look at your necklace, or they look at that blue stone, it was to take the bad nazar of people. And many times you’ll see if you wear the turquoise and you have that emblem somewhere it cracks and breaks. Because somebody is firing from their eyes without any control.

And the people who are trained they have a control. And that’s why tariqah (spiritual path) comes and teaches them that keep your eyes on your feet. Don’t fire your weapon at people, don’t let your nazar to be contaminated, and at the same time you, when you walk, if you have a light in your heart, don’t look with your head everywhere because devils will fire into your eyes to take away your light. So, that’s why nazar bar qadam was to keep your eye upon your feet, and keep your vision, and safeguard that energy so that you use it only when it’s necessary. If all day long you’re walking around with a face looking at everyone, all of their negativity comes onto you and it enters the heart, and hits the soul and the heart of that insan from their eyes, inshaAllah. So it’s not the stone that has power, it’s the teaching that has power.
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Very insightful SubhanAllah. May Allah AWJ Bless you immensely for imparting these priceless knowledges to us

Mohamed Akib May 08, 2021

MashaAllah! Allah bless Shaykh Nurjan for giving us insight into this reality. May Allah protect you bless you. Thank you Sayyedi. Alhamdulillah

Jamal May 08, 2021

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