Malakuti Taqat Ki Justuju May: Ilahiyati Shifa Bakhsh Energy Ka Rasta (Urdu Edition)



An exceptional book examining the transformational spiritual practices that enables the seeker to tap into the ocean of Angelic Power!

!روحانی مشقوں کے ذریعے کایا پلٹ دینے والی ایک ایسی کتاب جس کے ذریعے ملکُوتی طاقت کا حصول ممکن ہے

As heavenly beings, our souls are eternally in pursuit of healing energy through Divine and Angelic power. By understanding the origins of energy through light and sound, the seeker learns to attune to the guides of heavenly knowledge and discovers essential techniques to acquire and increase positive energy within our beings. This one-of-a-kind masterpiece features over 300 full-colour images and diagrams, visually enhancing the reader's journey towards spiritual ascent while illuminating its extraordinary teachings.

This book examines transformational practices such as chanting, meditation, breathing, and becoming conscious of everyday habits that can elevate one's circle of protection. For the person seeking guidance towards understanding, building, and perfecting their heavenly energy, this exceptional composition is the perfect daily guide in which to enter into the oceans of angelic power.

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