Join our affiliate program, where you'll receive a commission based on purchases you've successfully brokered. The commission rate is 10% depending on the affiliate tier you've unlocked.

How to sign up?

Visit this page:


Fill out the form and register. Once you've successfully created an account, log in here:


How to make money?

Once you've created an account, start watching this short video:

After that, please read the guide page in your account and ensure you fill out your payment settings to get paid:

Need More Help?

The following are some creative ways to earn commission:

1.  Share Default Affiliate Link

You'll see a widget in your dashboard presenting your Default Affiliate Link.

Share this link with anyone via social media, email, SMS or chat. You'll earn a commission if anyone clicks on it and successfully purchases a product from the website.

So in the example above, if Mr Affiliate post their link and a friend clicks on it and successfully purchases a product, then Mr Affiliate will earn a 10% commission.

2.  Share Coupon Code

Perhaps the storefront link isn't enticing enough for a customer to purchase. So offer them a 16% discount coupon. Share the coupon code under the Affiliate coupon widget:

So in the example above, if Mr Affiliate shares the coupon code AFMEHDI on twitter, and someone uses it to receive a 16% discount on their order, then Mr. Affiliate earns a commission for this transaction.

3.  Create a Team of Helpers

Why not join forces with friends and draw in customers and share the earnings? Have your friend enter your affiliate network by sharing your Network Link:

Suppose your teammate signs up with your link and brokers a successful sale from his social networks. In that case, you'll earn a network commission.

3.  Product Marketing

Instead of marketing the default storefront link (home page of the store), why not entice potential customers with an exciting product that you feel will sell well? Or you can hone in your marketing strategy by concentrating on a specific niche - such as rings or clothing.


For example, suppose you maintain a blog site or YouTube channel focusing on fragrances & perfumes. You can simply publish a review of your favourite SMC Merch fragrances then present affiliate links for your followers to click on should they be interested in making a purchase.


To use this method, click the Get product link button under the Affiliate Link widget:


Then go through SMC Merch and select a product you feel leads to a successful sale. Copy the URL.


Then go to your affiliate dashboard and paste the URL into the input box then click Generate:

Then you'll see a referral link has been generated. You may now proceed to advertise this link on your blog site, YouTube channel or any other social media platform.

For example you can post the link on Facebook:

4.  Custom Link

Suppose you want to verbally advertise an affiliate link - like on a podcast or a TV show. You wouldn't want to spew a long URL link consisting of a string of random characters or numbers! Fortunately, you can generate a simple custom URL link. Click Add custom link under the Affiliate Link widget:

Then type a simple string of text that's easy to spell and remember. Submit the form and start sharing your custom link:

Still Need More Help?

Please keep checking this page as we'll introduce more strategies to give you better opportunities to earn commissions. Enjoy!