A Timeless Reality - Ancient Wisdoms of the Soul and Meditation


A Timeless Reality will transform every aspect of your life as you embark on a life-changing quest for the Divine.

Meditation, known as tafakkur (contemplation), serves to nourish the spirit, acquire the essence of sincere knowledge, and open powerful secrets for the soul to achieve inner peace. In times of global upheaval, it's essential to face challenges with strengthened spiritual reflection and resolve. This unique compilation teaches how to slow life down, detach from the physical realm, and awaken the soul's connection to the world of light - the Divine's ancient timeless reality.

Speaking from 26 years of spiritual training and many seclusions, Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi conveys ancient wisdoms for the soul that will cultivate a higher consciousness of the Divine. As a Certified Shaykh in this field of meditation, he provides inspirational guidance supported with full-colour visuals, allowing the student to understand, reflect, and progress in their spiritual development.

Presented in a question and answer format, this book guides the reader in practicing meditation, connecting the heart to a guide, benefiting from daily spiritual practices, understanding the effects of positive and negative energy on the body, mind, and soul, and applying the concepts of contemplation towards building good character.

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