Authentic Bakhoor Incense: Traditional Middle Eastern Fragrance~ 14 New Varieties!



Authentic Bakhoor Incense: Traditional Middle Eastern Fragrance

Explore our selection of 14 Heavenly bakhoors as a gift for others, or for yourself! Each 40g bakhoor comes as a compressed block containing 9 cubes. Simply break off a small pinch and sprinkle onto your lit charcoal or electric burner to release its fragrance. Once opened, you can keep your bakhoor fresh by keeping it wrapped in a ziplock bag, inshAllah.

Bakhoor is the name given to wood chips soaked in natural fragrance oil.

Bakhoor Varieties:

Naaim: Notes of Sandalwood and Bulgarian Rose. One of our most popular Bakhoors!
Mamlakah: A fresh, warm scent suitable for all occasions. Rose & Lily of the Valley with Sandalwood & Vanilla resting on a base of Oud & Leather.
Oud Sharqia: A floral, woody & sweet fragrance with notes of Rose & Vanilla on a base of Oud & Sandalwood.
Musk Taher Rumman: An everyday fragrance comprised of Rose, Blackberry, Grapes & Pear on a base of Ambergris, Musk & Rose. 
Musk Taher Powder: A beautifully blended, smooth, earthy floral, with fruity, green top notes, a heart of creamy Jasmine and Lily of the Valley, resting on an earthy base of Amber, Musk & Tonka.
Musk Taher Peach: A fruity-floral; soft, delicate, warm and soothing. Top notes of Peaches & Grapefruit with a heart of Jasmine, Orange Blossom & Lily of the Valley, sitting on a base of Amber, Musk & Vanilla. A relaxing & rejuvenating fragrance!
Musk Taher Oud: A strong woody-floral with notes of Citrus & Rose, on a base of Amber, Leather & Musk.
Musk Cotton: A rejuvinating & delicate scent of Strawberry, Rose & sweet Musk.
Intense Oudh: An powerful fragrance of Bergamot, Leather, Cedarwood and Oudh.
Oud al Fakhama:  A sweet, powdery, warm woody-floral with top notes of Lime & Orange, with a heart of Jasmine & Lily of the Valley, sitting on a woody base of Sandalwood & Ambergris.
Oud Simple: A beautiful woody-floral scent for daily use, comprised of Saffron, Rose, Agarwood, Musk & Amber.
Bakhoor Pure Oud: A beautiful woody-floral fragrance with top of Bergamot, Lime & Tangerine with a heart of Sandalwood, Amber & Rose, sitting on a base of Amber & Musk.
Waseema: A powdery musk fragrance comprised of Vanilla, Amber, Oud & Musk.
Al Arabia: A woody-oriental fragrance of Agarwood, Musk, Amber with hints of Rose. 
Aslubi Gold:
A beautiful wood-oriental fragrance of Agarwood, Musk, Sandalwood & Amber.
Kalimat: Top notes of Rose & Saffron on a heart of Leather & Oud.
Soul Mates: Bergamot, Rose, Musk & Amber.

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