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Wholesale Genuine Natural Pure Chinese Hainan Oudh oil Cambodia Oud oil

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Use: Refreshing
Regional Feature: Chinese Incense
Packaging: Gift Packing
Model Number: NR20201218HN
Material: Wood
Classification: Pure Essential Oil
Chinese Hainan oud oil: pure oudh oil
Brand Name: NineRegions
Application Scene: Portable

Please notice, 30g and 50g or more. place with big glass bottle. not the follow bottle.
welomce wholesale. I have my Essential oil factory,

The kinam chips, make kinam oil. rich oil. such as the follow picture. it is rich oil. so the kinam oil smell nice.

HaiNan Oud Oil
Co2Ultra-low temperatureextractions.
Absolut 100% natural pure, Thick, Strong smell.
Smell just good fragrance, without any Sour and odorous taste.
Just only Amazing scents, without any bad smell. strong and Lasting smell. Lasting time about 8 hours.

Cambodia Oud Oil
The Cambodia Ouh Oil is distilled and extracted from really natural wild Cambodia Oud, it is 100% natural pure.

HaiNan Oud Oil and the Cambodia Oud Oil.Primary Benefits And How to use
1.Apply it to your hands,smell nice scents.
I love to use it right before bed on my hands and feet. as well, before take exercises, put on the skin, such as Wrist, armpit, No sweat smell

2. Heating with electric burner, Fragrant your room

3. Agarwood Oil. it is very good care skin.
Drop a bit little in the warm water. wash face and hand, good care for your skin.

My all the Oud Oil, It is original,never diluted,no additives, it is thick, if you want to drop a little bit to the water, must soak it in the hot water about 1 minute. Please drop it in the warm water to use.

3.Agalwood essential oil is effective in relieving pain and diminishing inflammation, and it will not redness and inflammation.
So it can use to wound, such as Scald,cuts,bruises and so on.
be good fast, apply on the scar, it will be turn fades slowly, till disappears.

The follow about Oud oil detail, please read.
These agarwood oil is extracted from precious agarwood , it is the essence of agarwood.
Due to the non renewable nature of natural agarwood, the refined agarwood oil is more rare and precious.
The agarwood oil, have multiple effects on human body, such as relieving pressure, sleeping and resisting depression, regulating body and mind, and promoting metabolism in the body.
Dripping a few drops of agarwood oil in the hot water with feet can achieve the purpose of activating blood circulation and collaterals, and can also achieve the effect of removing athlete's foot and foot odor.
Promote restful and deeper sleep.
. For pain relief and rheumatism.
. As skin tonic to repair damaged skin cells.
. Useful for nausea and vomiting.
. As an aphrodisiac to improve sex drive.
. Used in perfumes for its woody aroma.
. Anti-inflammatory – reduces inflammation.
. Muscle relaxant – eases tension in muscles.
. Soothes Skin ,Anti-septic : Helps wound healing and stops irritation from insect bites
Anti-aging : Eliminates fine lines, scars, pigmentation and reduces appearance of pores.
Fat-burning : Increases fat metabolism and reduces cellulite
Anti-bacteria : Excellent to treat pimples and acne.
. Anti-arthritic – combats arthritis.
. Treats Acne.
. Relieves Allergies.

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